Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) v9.5

Course Description

The Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) v9.5 course is a 3 day technical deep-dive focused on teaching engineers to architect, implement, optimize and troubleshoot the Veeam software solution. This class is designed for the professional services consultant, engineer and system administrator alike creating a Veeam expert who is able to maximize the benefit to a business. The VMCE course combines expert instruction with intensive hands-on exercises to provide the maximum knowledge transfer to each participant.

Private Course Pricing

$2900 ex. GST per student onsite*

*TC applies

Public Course Pricing

AU$3300 ex. GST per student for our public ANZ course

US$2300 ex. GST per student for our public Asia course

Course Outcomes

Identify and resolve issues more efficiently
Get more functionality out of Veeam solutions
Distinguish yourself from your peers
Increase productivity, reduce operating costs, propel personal career advancement and achieve industry recognition

Course Modules

1.1. Veeam Products 1.2. Key Concepts 1.3. Course Overview

3.1. Adding Servers 3.2. Data Location tagging 3.3. Performing Configuration Backup and Restore 3.4. Managing Network Traffic 3.5. General options 3.6. Getting to Know user Interface

5.1. Recovery from a Backup 5.2 Extract Utility 5.3 Recovery from a Replica

7.1. SureBackup Recovery Verification 7.2. SureReplica Recovery Verification 7.3. On-Demand Sandbox

9.1. WAN Acceleration 9.2. Tape Device Support 9.3. Storage Integration (VMware) 9.4. Microsoft Hyper-V Off-host Backup Proxy 9.5. Support for Deduplication Storage Systems 9.6. Veeam Cloud Connect 9.7. Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager 9.8. Standalone Console 9.9. vCloud Director Support

11.1. Product Editions Comparison 11.2. Product Licensing 11.3. Full and Free Functionality Modes

2.1. Core Components and Their Interaction 2.2. Optional Components 2.3. Deployment Scenarios 2.4. Prerequisties & System Requirements 2.5. Upgrading Veeam Backup& Replication

4.1. 3-2-1 rule 4.2. Creating Backup Jobs 4.3. Creating Restore Points with VeeamZIP and Quick Backup 4.4. Backup Copy 4.5. Replication 4.6. Creating VM/File Copy Jobs

6.1. Application-Item Recovery 6.2. Universal Application-Item Recovery (U-AIR) 6.3. Guest OS File Recovery

8.1. Why agents? 8.2. Veeam Agents for Microsoft Windows 8.3. Veeam Agents for Linux 8.4. Veeam Agent Management 8.5. Protection Groups 8.6. Agent Jobs 8.7. Administrative tasks

10.1. Veeam ONE overview 10.2. Veeam ONE components 10.3. Veeam ONE Deployment 10.4. Veeam ONE as an assessment tool

12.1. How to identify the Problem 12.2. Review and Analyze the Issue 12.3. Common issues & Misconfigurations 12.4. Common VMware related issues 12.5. Log files 12.6. Veeam Support 12.7. Search for Additional Information

Prerequisites: Have a solid virtualization, backup and recovery knowledge base.

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