Using Microsoft SharePoint Technology with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Course Code: 80240

What's in this course?

This three-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to set up and work with Microsoft SharePoint Technologies for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

Course Outcomes

Install and configure Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Implement and maintain the Workflow system
Configure the setup of Business Portal to meet specific business needs
Create Business Portal roles, add users to roles, and modify roles
Deploy pre-built SQL Server Reporting Services reports for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Create and administer Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Dashboards in the Executive Center

Course Modules

This module provides a general overview of the features and benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint technologies and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 in an integrated environment.

This module provides students with the necessary skillsets to install Business Portal and then run it in a live environment.

This module introduces the technology behind External Lists and their use and creation using the advanced capabilities of the SharePoint 2010 web interface, and explores the External Lists that come with Microsoft Dynamics Business Portal 5.1

This module introduces students to advanced features available with SharePoint Server and Office.

This module discusses the setup, administration, and use of the Workflow product for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

This module examines Key Performance Indicators and Dashboards, which are components of the Executive Center that assist in providing access to business-critical information.

This module introduces students to SharePoint Designer 2010 and then uses Designer to create and manipulate External Content, External Lists, Views, and Workflows.


Students should have an understanding of Configuring and Administering SharePoint 2010

Next Steps

After this course students should look to complete

See Whats In The Course Labs

- Create a Workflow

- Create three new workflow steps for the Purchase Order workflow - Assign approvers to the workflow steps - Declare workflow conditions

- Grant new users access to the appropriate SharePoint pages

- Install the SQL Server Reporting Services Wizard for Microsoft Dynamics GP

- Modify the Business Portal installation to include the Business Intelligence components

- Add an External List to the SharePoint Site - Create a view of the External List data

- Customize the External List view with some additional branding

- Synchronize the salesperson External List with Microsoft Outlook

- Create a Workflow using SharePoint Designer - Design workflow to automatically generate an email message

- Add new user to Microsoft Dynamics GP security role - Add the user as a workflow originator

- Add users to the Microsoft Business Framework Roles

- Provide users access to the appropriate Web Services roles

- Deploy the SQL Server Reporting Services reports for Microsoft Dynamics GP to the SRS website

- Add web parts to the Executive Center - Add SQL Server Reporting Services KPIs to the Executive Center

- Update data within Microsoft Dynamics GP by using an External List in SharePoint

- Create a list in SharePoint to display the salespeople from Microsoft Dynamics GP

- Create a task list for customer tasks

Take the first step towards A SharePoint Certification

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Attend this course through virtual training and complete labs in your own time.