Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 3

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Course Description

This course gives students an advanced understanding of Microsoft Excel, developing a range of skills for creating and analysing workbooks.

Course Outcomes

Automate worksheet functions.
Audit worksheets.
Analyze data.
Work with multiple workbooks.
Import and export data.

Course Modules

Update Workbook Properties Create and Edit a Macro Apply Conditional Formatting Add Data Validation Criteria

Create Sparklines Create Scenarios Perform a What-If Analysis Perform a Statistical Analysis with the Analysis ToolPak Create Interactive Data with Power View

Export Excel Data Import a Delimited Text File Integrate Excel Data with the Web Create a Web Query

Trace Cells Troubleshoot Invalid Data and Formula Errors Watch and Evaluate Formulas Create a Data List Outline

Consolidate Data Link Cells in Different Workbooks Merge Workbooks


Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 2

Next Steps

Students should consider upgrading their skills to Microsoft Access

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