4 Training Methods To Help Staff Embrace New Technology

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It’s no secret that technology can substantially improve the way your business operates if implemented correctly. After careful research and deliberation, you should have the perfect technology candidates in mind for your business, right?

Well, the real challenge comes in how you approach your staff training when upgrading your IT systems. Your chosen training methods can really make or break how your employees embrace your new technology and the importance of this can’t be underestimated.

If you’ve been wondering how to train staff when it comes to new technology, Saxons is here to help. So that your business can get the upper hand when it comes to new technology, we’ve come up with 4 vital training methods for you to consider. Take a look at our staff training methods now or head over to the Human Resources blog page for more of our HR inspired blogs.

Select easy-to-use technology and confer with your employees

Yes, you may have found the latest and greatest technological addition for your company, but will your employees get it? If you opt for an easy-to-use, intuitive product, your staff training methods are going to be far more effective at every level.

You really want to avoid technology that comes with a 100-page manual or needlessly long training modules. Essentially, you want your employees to get a grasp of the technology before letting them into the wild to find out more themselves. Everything will go far more smoothly should your chosen technology be something that every employee can easily grasp after initial training.

Importantly, you should always consider conferring with your employees when new technology options arise. Learn what’s going wrong with your current technology and what features your employees would love to have in order for their jobs to become easier. Knowing that you have your team on board with a change like this will help you to maximise ROI in the long run.

Cultivate a training programme from the get-go

When your upgrading your IT systems, you have to put a robust training programme in place from the get-go. The idea here isn’t to simply swamp your employees with training session after training session – you have to make them count. So, think short and sweet when it comes to your staff training.

As said before, an intuitive product will make this approach possible. If you’d prefer to go for a more complex technology product, this probably won’t be very effective. However, there should be ongoing developments to your training program as this refreshes your employees’ skills, builds confidence, and improves efficiency.

Importantly, you have to remember to keep your training session(s) focused. This is achievable by only training employees who need to know how to use your new technology. For example, new HR software is relevant to HR employees and new accounting software is relevant to your company accounting department. Having the right audience for your staff training programme will make the process far more effective.

Feedback should come from everyone

Your training programme should always have a sense of progression attached to it. Employees at your company need to know that the way they’re using new company technology is correct and effective. So, offering feedback on their progress is the best way to do this.

Additionally, employees also need to know that your management team is there to offer support and further training should they require assistance. This is where future training sessions can be useful as well as one-on-one or group follow up support from specialists and managers.


However, it’s also in your company’s interest to listen to what your employees are saying about your new technology product. Perhaps, a feature simply doesn’t work or your new process is ineffective.

There are numerous things that your employees could spot and listening to them is a great way to boost communication at your company. Just remember to act on the feedback your employees give you or you could risk breaking down hard-earned trust.

Encourage employees to share their knowledge

You’re definitely going to see some employees adapt to your new technology quicker than others. This is where you can start to diversify your staff training methods by encouraging more adaptable employees to assist those who are resisting change.

While you can try to incentivise your employees to share their knowledge, it’s better if you can find natural leaders to take the reins. This kind of comradery between your employees helps to instill the idea that everything is working towards a common goal.

Having your employees share knowledge like this will compliment all of your training methods and make it far easier for them to embrace new technology in the future.

Do you need to get your employees professionally certified in order for them to use the latest technology and software available? For more information on how the experts at Saxons can help you, please visit the IT Learning Solutions page now. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our team by contacting us now.