Technical Certifications – Are The Benefits Worth It?

Technical certifications

When it comes to obtaining technical certifications, we’re not talking about donning the black gown and flat hat with a tassel, parading in front of your friends and family. What is of more concern in the workplace is the ever-increasing range of technical certifications which seem to be a requirement for many roles these days.

Certification – is it really worth all the fuss and bother to you and your boss to get someone to sign that piece of paper to say you are competent? You’ve been attending work-based trainings on and off for years now – isn’t that enough?

Is it worth it?

According to research completed by IDC, appropriate certification improves work-based performance, achieved by a more productive and efficient infrastructure. Although there is a cost to the company of certification, a return on investment is expected from increased performance and output.

Certification works, and it is more effective than training alone.

Top seven reasons to tap into training and seek the certificate

In case you need a little more persuasion, take a look at what certification could do for you and your company:

1. Demonstrates ability and skills

Certification improves your CV. Even though your company has invested in you, you own your certificate and can take it with you wherever you work. Demonstrating your skills and abilities equates to higher pay and better job prospects.

2. Motivates and rewards

The knowledge that your company believes in you enough to invest time and money into your development should be very motivating. You are the future of the company and have been earmarked to help drive it forward. In return, you are likely to stay more loyal to the company, providing they offer long-term career progression.

3. Demonstrates company investment in staffing

When a company invests in staffing, they send a clear signal to the rest of the industry, as well as their workforce. They are demonstrating their strength and their long-term plan. This helps attract high quality staff to the business, which can ultimately lead to more customers and bigger profits.

4. Increases on-the-job performance

If you have undergone the necessary steps to prove to an independent assessor that you are skilled and knowledgeable, and this training will give you the skills to perform better at your role. Technical training often improves efficiency and productivity, which ultimately leads to higher profits.

5. Decreases risk through incompetency

If you don’t know what you are doing, you are more likely to make mistakes. Certification proves your knowledge on the subject, thereby decreasing your risk of making costly errors through incompetency.

6. Improves the quality of service provided by the company

A skilled workforce improves the standards of services and products. This demonstrates increased capability to all stakeholders, thus potentially increasing share prices.

7. Technical IT skills are a must in the workplace

Technical IT skills are a must in today’s workplace, and are valued over more academic qualifications in certain roles. It is also necessary to keep abreast as industries evolve and change, as the need to continually upgrade your existing certificates may be necessary to sharpen your skills and move forward.

What’s on offer?

Whatever skills and courses you find that you need, there is likely a certificate to suit. Popular courses include Microsoft certification, VMware certification, and Cisco certification courses. Alternatively, you may find technical certifications, such as SQL, Sharepoint, Windows, System, Lync, and more. Follow the Microsoft certification path to become a Microsoft Certified Professional, as this software is essential for just about every professional role today. With many certifications, you can choose to study online or at a training centre, which you can select depending on your preferences and availability.

Your silent supporter

Never under-value a certificate. It speaks volumes about your investment in yourself and your company, whilst demonstrating your ability, knowledge, and skill. Your certificate is your silent supporter, speaking out on your behalf. Only your mother believes in you more!