The Impact Of Technology On Professional Development

impact of technology

No, the robots aren’t coming.


Well, not quite yet, at least. Whether it’s the increasing powers of the devices upon which you rely so heavily every day, or the impending arrival of artificial intelligence in a variety of fields and facets of life, the progress that’s been made in technology has had major impacts on professional development and the rest of your working life.

Luckily for you, many of these impacts have been positive! Whereas there used to only be a few different avenues to success, there is now a growing number of different ways for you and others to level up in your working life. Here are some of the ways the positive impact of technology has helped thousands around the world change the way business gets done.

Online learning solutions

Perhaps more than anything, the amazing access afforded to millions around the world by the internet has helped shape professional development in recent years. Being able to connect online means you don’t have to uproot your life to learn at a certain scholastic institution or move heaven and earth to accommodate sessions with a certain person. Online learning solutions give you the power to learn at your convenience, opening up environments in which you can further your professional development to pretty much anywhere with an internet connection.

Internet speed

Another major impact of technology on professional development is internet speed. This goes hand in hand with the aforementioned access of online learning solutions. As internet connection speed has increased through the years, so, too, has the number of avenues in which you can develop professionally. Whether it’s being able to present and work with more in-depth, visually appealing graphics and charts or learning from high quality videos and other live streaming demonstrations, quicker internet speeds for computers and portable devices has made learning and creating a much smoother experience.

Communication platforms

Another one of the positive effects of technology is the ease with which we can communicate with one another. The sheer number of ways we can get and stay in touch makes it much easier to collaborate with others on projects and complete tasks even if you are not within arm’s reach of a phone call with your colleagues and business partners.

Think of all the ways you can communicate with your co-workers and clients these days. High quality VoIP phone calls, mobile phone calls and messages, messaging platforms such as Slack and Skype for Business, email—the list goes on and on. Being able to maximise these channels and enhance your ability to communicate with all necessary parties not only helps you gain knowledge, but also boosts how well you can manage a project or bring together multiple stakeholders.

The cloud

There are heaps of benefits to cloud computing, many of which have helped staffers around the world progress in their professional development.

As part of a larger suite of managed IT services, cloud computing opens up your company’s assets, tools and data to your workers even when they’re not in the office to log on directly to your system. The effects of this technology cannot be overstated, as it has helped revolutionise the way people get work done around the world. This means workers can not only continually be ticking things off their to-do lists, but can also be learning new skills even when they’re not chained to their desks. Being able to harness the power of cloud computing is a skill within itself, to say nothing of being productive away from your base of operations and being able to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and other team members from afar. All of these bits and pieces add up to facets of your professional toolbox that can enhance your standing in the professional world.

It’s hard to overestimate the impact of technology when it comes to evaluating professional development in recent years. Whereas you used to have to learn from those around you, whether it be in the office or in a classroom, you can now expand your working horizons from just about anywhere with an internet connection.

Through the tools you use to get your job done on an everyday basis to the outside learning you do in addition to your regular duties, you can add practical skills to your toolbox while also displaying a broader range of abilities to your colleagues, superiors, and those potentially looking to fill a role in their company. Perhaps the best part is there is no sign that increases in technology will slow down, therefore giving you a chance to continue to have all sorts of great sources from which to learn. Take advantage of these great tools going forward and continue to grow as a valued worker in your organisation.