How To Upskill When You’re The Most Senior In The Office

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The first few steps of the corporate ladder are exciting, scary and rewarding. Every step up that ladder keeps you moving towards a goal, and for those with the right attitude, skills and drive, they can keep taking steps until they are the most senior person on the team.

Reaching this point can leave many wondering: “What next?”

Unless you have a particular reason to leave the company, it can be beneficial to continue to upskill within your current business. The problem is that, being the most senior or highly trained person on staff, there’s no one left to learn from.

Here are five ways to continue to upskill, even in this situation.

Horizontal learning

Take a look at the departments around you and find one that either works closely with you or you have a particular interest in. It could be sales, marketing, research, development, HR or something else. In these areas, you’ll find countless sources of learning that can all benefit your own position.

Ask if you can spend time learning how a department works and if there are any training sessions you can sit in on. There are many situations in which the knowledge you will learn here will positively impact your own area of expertise.

Conferences and events

Keep an eye out for industry conferences and events in your subject area. Such places bring together some of the best minds in the business with new ideas and thoughtful speakers. You’ll rub shoulders with others whom you can learn from, and you’ll be able to benefit your own company by bringing back new concepts and suggestions.

New product offerings

You may be able to learn and upskill by bringing in a new product offering. Obviously this shouldn’t be a product that’s too far removed from your current services, but you may be able to spy a niche in the market that your company already has the skills and tools to create.


Taking control of everything from the brainstorming to the business plan will teach you new skills along the way and could benefit the company and keep your clients happy a well.

Courses and training

No matter your position in the company, there will always be courses and training available from other industry players that can further your training and knowledge. They often cover new developments or technologies and the best use of these in the workplace, but they also include a range of business skills that can add to your repertoire.

Training others

Another avenue to explore is that of training others. It could be those in your workplace or it could be a workshop your company puts on for others to learn from.

Teaching and training others proficiently is a real skill that takes time and practice. Your knowledge will be challenged as you navigate new ways to pass on what you know, and the skill-base of your company as a whole will grow as a result.