5 Programming Skills That Will Get You Hired

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As we move further into the 21st century, technology continues to be the driving force behind business growth. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that technologically dependent companies demand much more than just basic computer programming skills from new hires.

While it’s easy to learn basic computer programming skills across a wide range of languages, taking the time to master one or two will significantly increase your attractiveness to potential employers.

But, it makes sense to do your homework about companies you’d like to work for or programming languages that are likely to become more useful in the future. The last thing you want to do is invest time into developing your coding skills and then find that it was all unnecessary in the end.

So that you’ll make the right choice picking programming skills for your career, we’ve highlighted why they’re so important and what makes them the top languages to learn in 2018 and beyond. Take a look at our top coding skills now or head over to our Career page to read more our latest articles there.

So, why are coding skills so important?

In today’s world, basic computer programming is an essential part of numerous major job categories, including IT, Data Analytics, Engineering, and Science to name but a few. Perhaps, you’ll be required to write a program in order to achieve a goal or simply alter code in order to make it more efficient. In the end, you simply can’t tell when, why, or what you might need to code, so having the skills is paramount to gaining an advantage in your career path.

There are a whole multitude of programming languages out there, but you need to be calculated when making your choice to ensure you pick the best option for your circumstances. We’ve selected our top 5 picks for the best programming skills that will be sure to get you hired in 2018 and well into the future.

  • SQL

When it comes to managing data, SQL is the top dog in the programming languages world. As almost every computer application will utilise data at some point in time, knowing how to code the most relevant language is sure to catch the eye of potential employers.

Thankfully, you can actually learn SQL for free, which is an added bonus for those looking to dip there toe into the world of programming for the first time. According to Indeed.com, there are over 98,000 SQL jobs that have been indexed.

  • Java

While there are some issues when it comes to Java, it has continued to be a widely sought after programming skill by employers since 1995. Why? Well, today, Java is the base language for Android development and this means it runs on over 7 billion devices around the world.

As with SQL, Java can be learned for free online and there’s no doubt that getting yourself up to speed with this language will do your job prospects wonders.

  • HTML

You can be sure to find HTML at the centre of every webpage out there and its presence has helped build the world-wide-web as we know it. So, with the sheer number of online webpages out there, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that HTML is still an in-demand programming skill.

However, today, there is an amalgamation of different web technologies known as HTML5, which is extremely valuable in the eyes of potential employers. You can be certain that gaining a solid understanding on HTML will undoubtedly serve you well for years to come.

  • C

While Java is technically more popular, nothing is more ubiquitous with programming than C. Developed in 1973 at Bell Labs, C has become one of the most widely used coding languages of all time.


However, nowadays, you will also find C++ and C# are popular C variants. C++ allows programmers to create applications that are designed for a number of different hardware platforms, while C# was developed by Microsoft as an object-orientated programming language.

  • JavaScript

When you’re browsing the web, you may have wondered how everything is so interactive: this is all down to JavaScript in the main. It has essentially taken over from Flash and this is a big thing when you consider how prominent Flash once was.

But, with the rise of smartphones and tablet devices, JavaScript programming skills has never been more sought after by companies around the world. Think Amazon, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, or any other big tech player and you might start to get an idea of where a gifted JavaScript coder might end up.

Are you interested in learning more about the other coding skills out there or would you like to find out how to become a data scientist? Speak with a member of our team for further information or head over to our Career page now.