3 Tips For Making A Career Change Into Tech

Career Change

Have you always had a passion for tech but never quite managed changing careers in a way that suited your ambitions?

Perhaps you like keeping up with the latest tech trends or you’d like to discover more about IT?

The tech industry is undoubtedly the biggest growing sector across the globe and it’s always looking out for capable professionals just like you.

Today, the industry welcomes people from all walks of life – religions, social backgrounds, ages, and genders. But, most importantly, the tech industry welcomes those who share the same passion as you.

We’ve established 3 golden rules to live by if you’re looking to make a career change into the tech industry. Just remember that with a little hard work and ambition there isn’t anything you won’t be able to achieve.

  • Understand What the Perfect Role Is for You

Girl working on laptop

It’s easy to imagine where your ideal job might come from. Perhaps Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, or Amazon comes to mind.

Having ambition is what’s going to get you exactly where you want to be, but starting a career change into tech also requires you to be realistic at first.

For technology careers, everyone wants to work at the big companies and acting in this way will only work to your disadvantage when starting out your new career.

You’ve got to have a long think about exactly who you want to be in the tech industry. Do you want to be a coder, software architect, UX designer, QA manager, analytics manager, mobile developer, or something else?

Once you know what job to pick from the vast range of technology careers available to you and you’ve gone through our other tips, start looking for an employer that will nurture your ambitions or find a recruiter who’s looking to hire immediately.

  • Work to Gain the Best Qualifications

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After you know which role is right for you, you’ll need to make sure that you’re qualified enough to at least reach the minimum requirements set out for candidates.

Most roles in tech don’t require several years of experience for entry level career opportunities. Instead, you might need to ensure that you attain an extra qualification to boost your resume. Consider a specialist degree, unique major, or a professional certificate.

You might be wondering which qualifications you should pursue and this is where a little detective work can go a long way. Take a look at professionals in the tech industry who you look up to or others who are employed in the role you want and find them on LinkedIn.

The chances are that having a similar set of qualifications to these particular people will give you the best probability for success when trying to land your dream job.

At this point you shouldn’t get overwhelmed. Look at what is attainable in a reasonable timeframe and mix and match different combinations or options together. You’ll soon have a strong set of qualifications that will maximise your chances for your successful career change into tech.

  • Make the Right Impression

Handshake at work

So, you’ve worked out where you want to be in the tech industry and you’ve gained the qualifications you need to stand out.

What could stand in your way of landing your dream job and changing careers for good?

The answer is simple; failing to make the right impression on the people that matter the most.

Think about how many applications recruiters receive on a daily basis and then take a long look at yours. Does your application boast your confidence, have a personal touch, and communicate your excitement at changing careers into the world of tech?

It’s all very well listing your qualifications and showcasing what you’ve been able to achieve. There’s no doubt that this is impressive, but it doesn’t paint a picture of why you’d be the most exciting addition to any tech team. Your application has to make the right impression for you because you’re not going to be there in person when a recruiter reads it.

So, take a moment and breathe.

Lay out your goals and take each step at a time. Remember that you’re following your passion and hard work is going to get you where you want to be. If you use these simple steps you’ll know which role is right for you, gain the qualifications that can make you stand out from the crowd, and write a killer application that will attract the kind of attention you want.

Your career change is on the horizon, so go make it happen!


If you’d like to learn more about IT certification and courses to make that career change into tech more seamless, find out how we can help here.